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No matter what your B2B automotive target audience, Rousseau has you covered. Our media platforms in both English and French reach 5 highly-targeted markets (retail, mechanic, tires, fleet and collision), each of which provides unique marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities.

We can customize your message to best suit each specific market. Rest assured your message will be seen and read by qualified audiences since our highly specialized, industry focused and quality content guarantees high readership performance and return on investment.


Our automotive industry media multiplatform approach to market means we can help you reach your audience no matter where it may be.

Rousseau’s wide spectrum media portfolio includes not only traditional print media such as magazines, special supplements and directories, but special events, websites and e-communications (like e-newsletters) as well.

We can deliver your message via the channel that best suits your audience, and tailor it to fit the media platform of your choice.

In order to receive more information, please email us at or call us at 514-289-0888.


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