Customer Focused: Committed to the Customer

The Simcoe APC store (Photo: Christian Kinzie)

The Simcoe APC store (Photo: Christian Kinzie)

Scott Stewart owns Auto Parts Centre (APC) stores in Port Dover and Simcoe. Christian Kinzie is the manager for both stores.

The Simcoe APC location—opened in 1999—was the very first associate store to join with CANUSA. The Port Dover store opened in July 2011— a parts and performance operation.

Scott Stewart’s two stores have grown to be a leader in the region. He states, “I feel that the key to our success firstly is due to the dedicated staff and their commitment to servicing our customers. Our staff is loyal and prides itself in the attitude: “If you need it now we will find it!”

The APC stores have access to the largest warehouse inventory in south-western Ontario and delivery service up to three times daily. Scott adds, “We’ve also been diligent in using all the marketing tools CANUSA offers associates: installer training, marketing incentive and installer loyalty programs such as APC Select, ACDelco PSC and ACE.”

Customer focused

Christian Kinzie states, “The business has always been customer focused. We feel the APC brand gives our customers confidence in the product lines offered as well as the programs needed by our customers to grow their businesses in sales and profitability.”

The majority of the customers at Scott’s APC stores have been with them since they first opened their doors. “It’s a people business and our staff and APC management are very dedicated to providing consistent service every day!”

Kinzie resumes, “As we continue to build stronger relationships with the customers, we try hard to understand their needs in today’s ever-changing environment. When Scott partnered with CANUSA in 1999, they provided the tools that we required for a start-up business that’s proudly Canadian!”

Scott says, “CANUSA has helped by providing tools and advice to help me grow my business and target new markets. I’m very proud to be part of the APC Group and share in the brand growth.

Staff is key

Some of the tools Scott and Christian enjoy are the AC/Delco PSC program and the APC Select programs. These, they feel, are key to the business along with the Incentive Travel Program and other marketing events that help them build relationships with customers outside of the business. Another major asset for them is their outside sales person, an industry veteran of about 40 years—Dave Vince. He finds them new business and shows customers how programs work in their favour.

In addition, Scott’s well-trained staff—Brian, Josh, Dorinda and Krissy—are very important to the business. They are a big part of his success and he’s very proud of them.

Helping his customers is a key motivator for Scott. “I believe, most importantly, that we need to help our customers keep their staff trained—today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex and we need to be able to access the wide range of parts required in a timely fashion. We offer our customers various retention programs so they’ll keep their customers coming back for regular vehicle maintenance.”

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