Digital Solutions, Rousseau Automotive Communication’s business portal, is the most comprehensive, relevant and fastest growing web solution for the Canadian automotive industry.

Containing the latest events and news, it’s a bilingual multi-segment Web portal that deals with the following lines of business: dealerships, fleet management, tires, auto and collision repair. Besides interviews, profiles and exclusive topics, you’ll find online surveys, resources and promos. is essentially intended for:

– Repair/Collision Shop owners, their partners and staff- Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retail chains

– Fleet managers and industry professionals

As such, attracts a growing number of visitors looking for practical information and the latest news concerning the automotive industry. We’re therefore committed to offering our readers a content that is accurate, current and relevant. Our reputation was built on the excellence of our magazines: intelligent articles written by experts in the field. Indirectly, we thus contribute to raising automotive industry standards – all this with your benefit in mind.


Autosphere’s weekly e-newsletter is the most efficient electronic media platform reaching Canadian automotive stakeholders.

Nearly 19,000 opt-in subscribers have chosen to be informed about the latest news and the most recent products and services available in the marketplace, plus the newest announcements and appointments in the industry.

Highly targeted, effective media

Autosphere English and French weekly e-newsletters reach targeted, yet diverse automotive audiences such as automotive industry professionals, executives and managers, business owners, suppliers and stakeholders.


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