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The French edition of AutoJournal has been the official automobile magazine in Quebec for more than 15 years. The first English edition came out in February 2012.These magazines bring together all the information on automobile industry. They’re the essential sources for automobile professionals such as car dealership owners, used and new vehicle dealers, representatives, financial institutions, training schools and all goods and service providers in the automobile field.



These magazines take a current and forward look at best practices for commercial and institutional fleet management. You’ll find exclusive interviews with leaders and administrators of this market segment as well as a multitude of common interest topics on maintenance and on the most innovative management solutions. Themes such as financing, alternative energy, adaptation of utility vehicles, insurance, environment and automotive safety are addressed comprehensively.



Sole publications of the tire industry in Canada, they represent knowledgeable and reliable sources of information for all professionals in the field. Real running fervour on tire, wheel, tool and equipment innovations, these magazines pay particular attention to revolutionary models fitting out all types of vehicles. We treat, in depth, such topics of interest as safety, environmental issues, profitability and performance.



Information channels for Canadian auto repair professionals, these magazines are recognized as key sources for information on best Canadian auto repair practices relevant to management and personnel. Going full speed ahead on product evolution and technologies, these publications reflect the industry’s true image via original articles and valued testimonies with an emphasis on human resources, professional management, ongoing training and the environment.



Flagship publication of the collision repair industry, it reflects its creativity and constant evolution. Reporting the latest developments in body work, finishing and alloys, it’s the essential reference for all professionals in this market segment. Documented features, current events, new and groundbreaking products, nothing is left out, with the focus on productivity, management and the environment.



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