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Our industry, with its diverse mix of overlapping fields, has taken giant steps in sustainable development over the past few years. That’s what our ENVIRONMENT ANNUAL is all about, highlighting the latest initiatives and developments in the automotive industry – a reference to discover so that you can be inspired to take a closer look at greener options.

Within the pages of our ENVIRONMENT ANNUAL, you’ll see how corporate leaders have already integrated greener choices into their current way of doing business. These leaders are willing and eager to share their own sustainable development solutions with you, our valued readers.

Their companies are in all areas of the automotive industry, and they employ thousands of workers across the country – dedicated individuals who maintain, repair, sell and recycle vehicles. And today, more than ever, they’re on the same page when it comes to environmental protection.

Our AUTOMOTIVE ENVIRONMENT ANNUAL is readily available online as well as in print. We invite you to take a closer look as you plan for a greener future.


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