Bridgestone Hosts 2016 Business Meeting

Bridgestone unveiled six new tires. (Photo: Jack Kazmierski)

Hundreds of tire industry insiders attend the Bridgestone Consumer Tire Business Meeting in L.A.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—More than 500 tire industry professionals from the United States and Canada were invited to Bridgestone’s 2016 Consumer Tire Business Meeting.

In addition to unveiling new sales tools and technologies, as well as a series of new ads and sales materials, Bridgestone also introduced six new tires at the meeting, most of which will be available in 2017.

As an hommage to the late night talk shows based in Los Angeles, the entire meeting had a very “Jay Leno Show” feel to it, complete with a band and set with a sofa and a desk. A number of Bridgestone executives were interviewed on set, which made the entire program very enjoyable and very entertaining.

The two-day event included a dinner on a movie set at Universal Studios.

Look for a full report in an upcoming issue of TireNews.

Gordon Knapp, Bridgestone Americas’ new CEO and President was the first one to sit on the sofa to be interviewed by John Baratta, President, Consumer Replacement Tire.
Bridgestone bid farewell to their former CEO and President, Gary Garfield, seen here with his wife, along with John Baratta and Gordon Knapp.
Steve Charles, VP of Product Development and Erik Seidel, VP Bridgestone and Firestone Brands also sat on the sofa, talking to the “host,” John Baratta about the company’s innovations and technologies.
Amber Holm, VP Brand Marketing, US & Canada at Bridgestone talked about the company’s newest ads and marketing initiatives.
Bridgestone invited Olympic archer, Khatuna Lorig to the stage to shoot an arrow into the company’s latest DriveGuard tire.
Chris Tavares, Director, Sales Operations at Bridgestone was another one of the many “guests”.
Ryan Estis, author of “Adapt & Thrive: How Sales Leaders Can Prepare to Win in a 2020 World,” spoke about the constantly changing landscape of the business world, and how tire retailers can keep up.
TJ Higgins, President, Consumer Integrated Tire Division, US & Canada wrapped up the meeting stressing the commitment Bridgestone has made to support tire professionals in their business endeavours.

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