Test Drive: 2016 VW CC


A real head-turner, the 2016 CC is VW’s flagship sedan
(Photos: Jack Kazmierski)

Volkswagen’s flagship sedan – engineered to impress.

There’s not denying that VW’s CC is a niche product. While the Jetta may be the company’s bread-and-butter vehicle, and consumers looking for something a bit bigger may gravitate toward the Passat, the CC is reserved for those looking for a bit more style, a bit more edge, and a lot more attitude.

Stylish, streamlined and sculpted, the CC is easily the most eye-appealing and most upscale model in the VW lineup. It’s sophisticated and elegant – perfectly suited for those who want a vehicle with personality and a touch of elegance.

The interior is refined and comfortable, with a level of fit and finish that’s hard to beat. Designed to fit four comfortably, the CC comes with a usable middle seat in the back row that will do in a pinch, but is not ideal for longer road trips.


Besides all the standard must-have technologies you’d expect in a vehicle in this price bracket, the CC comes with a fabulous 6-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Why fabulous? Simply because it’s easy to use (the owner will likely never need to consult the owner’s manual to figure things out), the information is well organized and clear, and it packs all the goodies today’s consumers demand – from satellite radio to Bluetooth to navigation, SD card slots, and more.

Regardless of the type of smartphone your customers may own, the CC makes it easy and intuitive to mate any phone with the system and then to use the onboard technology to the fullest for information, communication and entertainment. If your customers can use a smartphone or a tablet, they will able to master this technology as well.

The drive

The CC is as close to an executive sedan as your customers can get from VW, without upgrading to something from the Audi part of the family. The interior is quiet, the ride is smooth, and the 200-hp engine will do just fine for most consumers. With 207 lb-ft of torque on tap (all the way from 1,700 rpm), the CC is no slouch, supplying ample power for both city and highway driving.

The only area of complain might be the CC’s back seat. Due to the swooping style of this sedan’s roofline, headroom will be a challenge for taller passengers. But then again, perhaps that’s just the price you have to pay when good looks are a priority.

Vehicle Specs

Vehicle: 2016 VW CC

Price as Tested: $43,825 (Highline trim, no extra options)

Engine / Transmission (as tested): 2.0L TSI / 6-speed DSG

Power Output: 200 hp / 207 lb. ft. of torque at 1,700 – 5,000 rpm

Fuel Economy (as tested): 9.1 L/100 km

Noteworthy Features / Important Selling Features:

  • Great styling
  • Advanced infotainment system

 Chief Competition (top 3): Mercedes-Benz CLA, Lexus IS, Infiniti Q50

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