Vincentric Publishes Canadian Diesel Analysis


Canadian Diesel Analysis
PHOTO: Vincentric

Not all diesel models offer a lower cost-of-ownership.

Only 35% of diesel vehicles measured by Vincentric for their Canadian Diesel Analysis, offer a lower cost-of-ownership than their closest gasoline-powered counterparts.

Vincentric’s report shows that the average price premium for a diesel was $5,650, with average fuel cost savings of $4,005. When all costs to own and operate a diesel were taken into account, the average cost of ownership for diesels was $2,030 more than their all-gasoline powered counterparts.

The range between the best and worst savings was significant, with the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK250 BlueTEC saving buyers $9,201 while the 2015 Ram 2500 Diesel ST cost buyers $10,718 more to own.

“Over the past several months we’ve seen the price advantage that gasoline has had over diesel fuel diminish, enhancing the fuel economy advantages of diesel vehicles,” says Vincentric President David Wurster. “However, fuel economy is only part of the story. With total cost-of-ownership savings from only one third of the diesel models analyzed, consumers need to be informed when shopping for diesels to find the models that offer savings.”


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