Uni-Select Unveils New ‘Bumper to Bumper’ Brand

Bumper to Bumper

Uni-Select has launched its new Bumper to Bumper brand nationally, designed to bolster visibility and enhance its range of services.
(Photo: Uni-Select)

Leading Canadian automotive product distributor Uni-Select, has unveiled a new national brand identity for its growing network of Canadian independent automotive aftermarket wholesalers and corporate stores.

Over the coming months, Un-Select will rebrand all of its corporate locations under one unified banner: Bumper to Bumper.

In the Canadian Prairies there are currently over 100 independent customer Bumper to Bumper locations, most of which will be re-imaged with the new Bumper to Bumper brand.

Additionally, Uni-Select will offer the Bumper to Bumper brand to all its 1,150 independent wholesalers across Canada, expanding the brand’s national presence.

Additionally, the brand will provide a higher level of product consistency as well as enhanced merchandising, marketing and advertising programs.

“The launch of our new national brand represents an important milestone for our Canadian Automotive Group. With this new brand strategy, we will create a national synergy and identity, consistent from coast to coast. Bumper to Bumper, is not just about an image, it is everything that Uni-Select stands for: the quality of its products and the customer experience,” said Gary O’Connor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Automotive Canada.

“Much more than a brand name, Bumper to Bumper is also a program offering auto parts distributors a broad range of solutions,” said O’Connor. “The Bumper to Bumper banner is a turnkey program for wholesalers looking for complete program support, a strong brand image and a very aggressive go-to-market approach. Our Auto Parts Plus store brand remains an important part of our strategy supporting those independent customers who prefer a menu driven approach.”

Bumper to Bumper was introduced to the Canadian automotive aftermarket in 1977 and began with two stores. Over the years, the brand presence expanded to the Prairies and entered the Uni-Select fold in 2006. Today, over 100 auto parts stores operate in Western Canada under the Bumper to Bumper banner.

“The new logo features a strong and clean word mark. Bumper to Bumper is complemented by an icon that presents two bumpers coming together, from front to back, thereby illustrating Uni-Select’s commitment in covering all parts for a wide range of vehicles,” said O’Connor. “We are Canada’s Parts People and this new image will help us communicate the message that we value our Canadian roots and values.”

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