Uni-Select's Woodbine Night : Record-breaking Event

The 2016 Woodbine event was a record breaker—1100 people attended this overwhelmingly successful event. (Photos : Huw Evans)

Uni-Select’s “Woodbine Night” saw its biggest attendance ever!

On May 19, Uni-Select Ontario hosted its annual jobber and service provider evening at Woodbine Racetrack, Rexdale, Ont. The 2016 Woodbine event was a record breaker—1100 people attended this overwhelmingly successful event.

“Our Brampton Marketing Department worked tirelessly to deliver yet another successful Woodbine event! This year’s record-attending event was the perfect mix of business and pleasure for our Members and their Automotive Service Providers. Without question it is special evening enjoyed by all,” said Bill Hay, Regional Vice President, Uni-Select Ontario.

This year’s Woodbine Night, proved a major hit with manufacturers, distributors, jobbers and service providers. CarCare Business interviewed a cross-section of attendees—here’s what they had to say:

Scott Brooks, CDC Distribution Centres

“We have 95 customers and 25 staff members here. It allows our company to accomplish critical goals. First, it gives our customers a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with key vendors and get as much product information as they want. Secondly, it allows our counterpeople, store managers, sales reps and other personnel to keep up-to-date on product features, benefits, and programs. This event helps to strengthen our customer relationships.”

Fida Hafez, Auto Re-bex Int’l

“I love this show… it keeps us up-to-date, we see the newest products on the market, we get to all the suppliers, I get to interact with my peers, see all the latest offerings… the ones my customers are interested in… I now understand what their interests are.”

George Daaboul, Edson’s Auto

“I like to come to this show because we can see the new machines, new products. I saw a bearing set and bought it because I like it very much, I tell my jobber what products I’m interested in and he helps me get them.”

Khal Abbu Dagga, Hamiton Discount Auto Parts

“I do enjoy coming here and my customers love it. It’s an awesome job by Uni-Select to do this for us. My customers find new products and learn about new things, they gain a lot from these shows—they appreciate it too!”

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