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Leanne Jefferies is Director of Collision Programs, AIA Canada, Director, Skills Programs, CCIF and Vice President, Canadian Operations, Assured Performance Network. She can be reached at (Photo: Huw Evans)

Over 60 repair facilities have already registered with Certified Collision Care, with the network continuing to expand. – Leanne Jefferies

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Canada Inc. (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Fiat brands) recently announced an exclusive strategic agreement with Certified Collision Care, the Canadian division of Assured Performance Network to develop, launch, and manage FCA’s Canadian Mopar Certified Collision Repair Facility program. John Eason, Mopar Service & Parts Marketing Manager for FCA Canada notes that, “today’s vehicle technology requires specialized repair processes and training [and] this only exemplifies the need for a certification program. It’s our responsibility and that of our dealers to ensure our customers’ vehicles are returned to OEM specification when performing collision repairs. The Certified Collision Care Program allows our dealer network and independent repairers to be recognized and the partnership streamlines the process.“

Continuing to expand
Over 60 repair facilities have already registered with Certified Collision Care, and as awareness grows, the national network of Canadian Certified repairers will continue to expand. Marty Reddick, President of Supreme Collision, was the first repairer to sign up. “After our initial inquiry, we reviewed the Certified Collision Care program and concluded that it would greatly benefit our organization,” says Reddick. “It was evident that only shops that are progressive by nature and committed to process excellence and continual improvement would qualify. There was no question in our minds that OEM certification is the future of collision repair and that Certified Collision Care was the best avenue for us to attain our OEM certifications.” Reddick says that Supreme Collision decided to jump in with both feet and become the first in Canada to be certified. “Being first in any new program can be challenging,” he says, but acknowledges that first rate support and guidance through Assured Performance Network was a huge benefit as Supreme Collision embarked on its certification journey. “As an owner, I would highly recommend any forward thinking shop to participate in the Certified Collision Care program.” In addition to Supreme Collision, Speedy Collision—a rapidly growing collision repair franchise with 26 locations across Canada, immediately recognized the value in participating in the Certified Collision Care program. Speedy has made participation in the program mandatory for all locations, with several already achieving certification. “OE Certification is the way of the future, and when I learned about the unique joint-effort program being launched, it just made a lot of sense,” says Terry Allen, CEO, Speedy Collision. “To be a professional repairer
today, investment in tools, equipment, and training is not optional. The Certified Collision Care program lets our franchisees stand out as leaders who are committed to doing repairs to OEM specifications.”

Knowledgeable inspectors 

To successfully launch, the Certified Collision Care program needed a team of highly professional, knowledgeable and well-respected inspectors to perform the onsite verification and documentation of the Certification requirements. A partnership was formed with Caruk & Associates to provide the initial team of inspectors, which may be expanded over time. Brian Caruk, President of Caruk & Associates commented “the strength of the Certified Collision Care program is that
multiple OEMs can join together under one program and agree on a single set of requirements for Certification. I believe the program will drive industry improvement, and we are glad to contribute to this important initiative.”
The mission of the Certified Collision Care program is to raise the industry’s technical repair capability and ensure each repair business has what is necessary to properly and safely repair current and future vehicles manufactured by the participating automakers. For more information about Certified Collision Care, visit

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