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What is RSS?

RSS is a family of XML formats used for Web syndication.

This standard is typically used for updates of information that frequently changes in nature, typically this can be lists of tasks in a project, price alerts of any kind, the new jobs, news websites or blogs.

To receive them, the user must subscribe to the RSS, which allows him or her to quickly browse the latest updates, using an aggregator without having to visit the site.

How to use RSS?

These flows can generally be read by online readers, but also feed readers, such as:

Netvibes – News aggregator that supports RSS.

Noopod – RSS reader and podcast free for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Requires the DotNet framework.

Many browsers can read RSS feeds, including Mozilla Firefox (the original or with extensions infoRSS), or Opera and, since version 7, Internet Explorer and Safari for Mac OS X.

Some mail clients such as Outlook ou Thunderbird can read RSS feeds

For more information on this subject, see Wikipedia at Please note that these readers are provided for information purposes only. AutoSphere cannot be held responsible for the content of external sites.

How to get Autosphere’s RSS feeds?

You must first install a News Aggregator on your computer or create an account within a web aggregator. To receive one or more of these feeds, click on a link above with the right button of your mouse, select “Copy” from the menu and then paste (click on “Paste” from the menu) the link in the aggregator of your choice. Macintosh users have to “ctrl + click” and choose “copy link”. After allowing the registration, simply consult your aggregator to read your custom news.

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